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Dialectal variant of sinä; see it and its etymon, Proto-Finnic *cinä, for more.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈsæ/, [ˈs̠æ]
  • Rhymes:
  • Syllabification(key):

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  1. (personal, colloquial) you, ya (second person singular personal pronoun)

Declension Edit

  • Irregular: the comitative, instructive and abessive cases are not used, the table shows an expression which means the same.
  • In addition to the standard set of cases, as well as sinä and other personal pronouns have a specific accusative form, sut.

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From Proto-Finnic *sää.

Noun Edit

  1. weather

Inflection Edit

Inflection of (inflection type 6/kuva)
nominative sing.
genitive sing. sän
partitive sing. säd
partitive plur.
singular plural
accusative sän
genitive sän
partitive säd
essive-instructive sän
translative säks
inessive säs
elative säspäi
illative sähä
adessive säl
ablative sälpäi
allative säle
abessive säta
comitative sänke
prolative sädme
approximative I sänno
approximative II sännoks
egressive sännopäi
terminative I sähäsai
terminative II sälesai
terminative III sässai
additive I sähäpäi
additive II sälepäi

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References Edit

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