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safe +‎ word

Noun edit

safeword (plural safewords)

  1. (sex, especially BDSM) A word used in (especially sadomasochistic) sexual practices to unambiguously indicate that a participant actually desires the activity to cease and is not merely feigning a lack of consent.
    • 2004, Felice Newman, The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, →ISBN, page 201:
      Likewise, a top's ability to respond to your safeword is what makes her a safe partner.
    • 2006, Tristan Taormino, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women:
      If you don't like something that's happening or you want the scene to stop right away, simply say your safeword.
    • 2007, Sloan Christopher, Dangerous Obsession:
      My guess is our victims probably used their safewords or protested at some point, but our guy doesn't care about safewords or the BDSM creed...

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Verb edit

safeword (third-person singular simple present safewords, present participle safewording, simple past and past participle safeworded)

  1. (sex, especially BDSM) To stop a sex act by using a safeword.
    • 2015, Kris Ripper, Extremes[1], page 33:
      Like it's kind of in my head that maybe I could surprise him, like Eddie said, you know, before I flip out and safeword.
    • 2015, Cari Silverwood, Take Me, Break Me[2], page 177:
      I am going to trust you to safeword though. Say red if you need to. Okay?
    • 2011, Lee Harrington, Spirit of Desire[3], page 199:
      This can be difficult if your partner is trying to safeword but all that is coming out is a mew or growl.