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selfbow (plural selfbows)

  1. (archery) A bow that is made from a single piece of wood (often referred to as a bow stave).
    • 1995: Harvey Markowitz, American Indians
      Most common was a selfbow (a bow made of a single piece of wood with no laminating materials) of springy wood.
    • 2001: David Wescott and the Society of Primitive Technology, Primitive Technology II: Ancestral Skills from the Society of Primitive Technology
      If the design of the weapon is moderate enough to be successful as an all wood selfbow then the addition of sinew and horn will probably result in a net loss of arrow performance.
    • 2005: Tom Airhart, Elk Hunting Guide: Skills, Gear, and Insight
      The recurved bow design originated in antiquity when the longbow, or selfbow, made entirely from wood, was reinforced with animal sinew.



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