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shenanigan +‎ -s.



shenanigans pl (plural only)

  1. Mischievous play, especially by children. [from mid 19th c.]
    Shanti and Tom are playing noisily upstairs again. They’re up to their usual shenanigans.
    • 1890, Kate Chopin, At Fault: A Novel, page 159:
      Well, I'm not the woman to stand any shenanigans from a child of mine. I could name you dead loads of women that are just completely walked over by their children.
  2. Deceitful tricks; trickery, games. [from mid 19th c.]
    You should learn to spot their shenanigans and avoid being fooled.
    The advertisement said it would cost $50, but they charged me $75 at the register. I declare shenanigans.
    • 1921, William M. McCoy, The Valley of the Sun, page 77:
      And you remember that she is a pal of ours, and you're to act like a gentleman, no shenanigans, or I'll skin you alive!


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