siliqua (plural siliquas or siliquae)

  1. (botany) Alternative form of silique
  2. A weight of four grains; a carat.



Uncertain. Often related to silex (flint), but De Vaan suggests a relationship with siligō (winter wheat) instead on the grounds of the unusual suffix and closer semantics.



siliqua f (genitive siliquae); first declension

  1. pod (of a pea or bean plant)
  2. A small coin, one twenty-fourth of a solidus


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative siliqua siliquae
Genitive siliquae siliquārum
Dative siliquae siliquīs
Accusative siliquam siliquās
Ablative siliquā siliquīs
Vocative siliqua siliquae

Derived termsEdit


  • Middle English: siliqua
  • English: silique
  • French: silique


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