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spatula +‎ -ous



spatulous (comparative more spatulous, superlative most spatulous)

  1. Resembling a spatula in shape.
    Synonym: spatuloid
    • 1886, Eveline Michell Farwell, Fingers and Fortune: A Guide-book to Palmistry, page 11:
      Such fingers have superabundant energy, and though at first sight war appears utterly opposed to the qualities belonging to this spatulous type, it often affords an outlet to a craving for action and excitement which must find vent.
    • 1915, Joseph Conrad, Within the Tides:
      And he would turn to Miss Moorsom for approval, lowering protectingly his spatulous nose and looking up with feeling from under his absurd eyebrows, which grew thin, in the manner of canebrakes, out of his spongy skin.
    • 2005, David M. Burge, Paediatric Surgery, Second edition, page 481:
      A group of syringoceles may open into the urethra by a spatulous ostium; these are classified as perforated syringoceles.