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a common starling

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From Middle English starling, sterling, sterlinge, from Old English stærling, from stær (starling) + -ling (diminutive suffix). Cognate with Middle Dutch sterlinck (starling).

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starling (plural starlings)

  1. A family, Sturnidae, of passerine birds.
    1. The common starling, Sturnus vulgaris, which has dark, iridescent plumage.
  2. (hydraulic engineering) An inclosure like a coffer-dam, formed of piles driven closely together, before any work or structure as a protection against the wash of the waves, commonly used to protects the piers of a bridge.
  3. One of the piles used in forming such a breakwater.
  4. A fish, rock trout (Hexagrammos spp.), of the North Pacific, especially, Hexagrammos decagrammus, found in US waters.
    Synonyms: boregat, bodieron

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