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Middle EnglishEdit

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From Old English strēam, from Proto-Germanic *straumaz.



strem (plural stremes)

  1. A waterbody; a region of the world containing water:
    1. A stream (flowing path of water; river)
    2. The movement or action of water; flowing or tides.
    3. A sea; a large and continuous body of water.
    4. (often in the plural) The contents of a body of water.
    5. (rare) The maritime possessions of a nation.
    6. (rare) Water as opposed to dry ground.
  2. A beam or jet of light or vision (usually from the sky)
  3. The spouting, emissions or spurting of liquid; a jet.
  4. The path which a river follows or takes; a river's course.
  5. (rare) An emission or issuing; something that comes out.
  6. (rare) The overflowing or flooding of waters or oceans.
  7. (rare) A flag, banner, or standard indicating nationality

Derived termsEdit


  • English: stream
  • Scots: stream, strem, streme, streym