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Lateral sulcus (fissure on the surface of the brain)
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Borrowed from Latin sulcus.



sulcus (plural sulci)

  1. (anatomy) A furrow or groove in an organ or a tissue.
  2. (anatomy) Any of the grooves that mark the convolutions of the surface of the brain.
    • 1999, Thomas C. Pritchard, Kevin D. Alloway, Medical Neuroscience, page 55,
      The largest sulcus, the longitudinal fissure, divides the brain into left and right hemispheres.
    • 2006, Inderbir Singh, Textbook of Human Neuroanatomy, 7th Edition, page 72,
      Unlike most other sulci, the lateral sulcus is very deep.
    • 2014, John Kiernan, Raj Rajakumar, Barr's The Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint, 10th Edition, page 213,
      The large surface area of the human cerebral cortex results in a pattern of gyri and sulci.
  3. (planetology) A region of subparallel grooves or ditches formed by a geological process.


  • (furrow in an organ or tissue):
  • (groove marking a convolution of the brain's surface): fissure
  • (region of subparallel grooves or ditches formed by a geological process):

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From Proto-Indo-European *solk-o- (furrow), *selk- (to pull, drag), whence also Old English sulh.



sulcus m (genitive sulcī); second declension

  1. furrow
  2. ploughing


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative sulcus sulcī
genitive sulcī sulcōrum
dative sulcō sulcīs
accusative sulcum sulcōs
ablative sulcō sulcīs
vocative sulce sulcī



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