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From Middle English sunni, from Old English *sunniġ. Cognate with West Frisian sinnich, Low German sünnig, Dutch zonnig, German sonnig. Equivalent to sun +‎ -y



sunny (comparative sunnier, superlative sunniest)

  1. (of weather or a day) Featuring a lot of sunshine.
    Whilst it may be sunny today, the weather forecast is predicting rain.
  2. (of a place) Receiving a lot of sunshine.
    the sunny side of a hill
    I would describe Spain as sunny, but it's nothing in comparison to the Sahara.
  3. (figuratively) Cheerful.
    a person with a sunny disposition
    • c. 1590, William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors Act I scene 1
      My decayed fair / A sunny look of his would soon repair.
    • 1841, Charles Dickens, Barnaby Rudge
      A gleam of sun shining through the unsashed window, and chequering the dark workshop with a broad patch of light, fell full upon him, as though attracted by his sunny heart.
    • 1849, The Literary Garland (page 244)
      Unloved, and uncaressed, her childhood unbrightened by the sunny mirth of that age, her girlhood a gloomy period of austere seclusion []
  4. Of or relating to the sun; proceeding from, or resembling the sun; shiny; radiant.


Derived termsEdit


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sunny (not comparable)

  1. (US, regional) sunny side up


sunny (plural sunnies)

  1. A sunfish.