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susto (uncountable)

  1. An illness in Latin American cultures, a condition of fear and chronic somatic suffering stemming from one's own or others' emotional trauma.

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  • Rhymes: (Brazil) -ustu, (Portugal, Rio de Janeiro) -uʃtu
  • Hyphenation: sus‧to

Etymology 1 edit

Deverbal from sustar.

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susto m (plural sustos)

  1. fright, scare
  2. fear, terror
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  1. first-person singular present indicative of sustar

Spanish edit

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Uncertain. Several theories exist. Possibly an expressive creation, or from a verb *sustar, from Latin suscitāre[1] (though this is unlikely), or perhaps from substāre.[2] Compare Portuguese susto.

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  • IPA(key): /ˈsusto/ [ˈsus.t̪o]
  • Rhymes: -usto
  • Syllabification: sus‧to

Noun edit

susto m (plural sustos)

  1. fright

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