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Malapropism of English swage (a groove, moulding; moulding tool).

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Particularly: “Why the sense about leaving a restaurant without paying?”


swedge (countable and uncountable, plural swedges)

  1. A tool (originally a bevelled chisel) for making grooves in horseshoes.
  2. (Scotland, slang, uncountable) The drug MDMA.


swedge (third-person singular simple present swedges, present participle swedging, simple past and past participle swedged)

  1. To shape metal using a hammer or other force.
  2. (colloquial) To leave (a restaurant etc.) without paying.
  3. To fold under or round an object.
    • 1901, Rudyard Kipling, chapter 14, in Kim:
      He bound them into a neat packet, swedging down the stiff, sticky oilcloth at the corners..