See also: thung, thúng, thủng, and thụng



Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: dũng, thũng); compare thúng. Cognate with Khmer ធុង (thung, cistern).



(classifier cái, chiếc) thùng (, , , 𥶀)

  1. a barrel (round vessel made from staves bound with a hoop)
    Synonym: phuy
  2. (by extension) the hip area of an outerwear bottom (pants, shorts, a skirt, etc.) within which a top is tucked in
    đóng thùng
    to close a barrel; to tuck one's shirt in
    bỏ áo trong/ngoài thùng
    to keep one's shirt tucked/untucked
  3. (by extension) a cardboard box used to contain a fairly large amount of retail goods, typically beverage cans, milk bottles/packs or instant noodle packs
    Mua 1 thùng tặng 2 gói.
    You'll get two extra packs for every whole box.

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms