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un- +‎ stressed

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Adjective edit

unstressed (comparative more unstressed, superlative most unstressed)

  1. (of a vowel) not stressed or accentuated
    • 2004 October 14, Don Ringe, “Old English maþelian, mæþlan, mǣlan”, in J. H. W. Penney, editor, Indo-European Perspectives: Studies in Honour of Anna Morpurgo Davies[1], Oxford University Press, →ISBN, page 427:
      Type D half-lines ending in words of this type are analysed by Hutcheson as ending in two completely unstressed syllables. That analysis must be descriptively correct for, say, the 10th cent.; whether it would have fitted the facts in the 8th cent. is much less clear.
  2. not subject to stress

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