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Morphologically vein +‎ -ous, which is a borrowing from Latin vēnōsus (full of veins, veiny), from vēna (a blood vessel, vein) +‎ -ōsus (-ous, -ose, adjectival suffix). Doublet of venose.

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venous (comparative more venous, superlative most venous)

  1. (relational) Of or pertaining to veins.
    Her venous circulation was poor, leading to varicose veins.
  2. (relational, of blood) Having passed through the capillaries and given up oxygen for the tissues and become charged with carbon dioxide.
  3. Possessing veins.
    It was a sample of venous tissue.
  4. Having numerous veins.
    The tree has highly serrated and venous leaves.

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