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Etymology 1Edit

From Old Portuguese verão ‎(spring), from Vulgar Latin (tempus) *veranum, from Latin vēr ‎(spring), from earlier *veror, from Proto-Italic *wezor, from Proto-Indo-European *wésr̥ ‎(spring). Compare Spanish verano.



verão m (plural verões or verãos)

  1. summer
    • 2005, Lya Wyler (translator), J. K. Rowling (English author), Harry Potter e o Enigma do Príncipe (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), Rocco, page 127:
      A segurança está cem vezes mais rigorosa este verão.
      The security is a hundred times more severe this summer.

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Seasons in Portuguese · estações, sazões (layout · text)
primavera ‎(spring) verão ‎(summer) outono ‎(autumn) inverno ‎(winter)

Etymology 2Edit

From the verb ver ‎(to see).



  1. third-person plural (eles and elas, also used with vocês and others) future indicative of ver
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