Macanese edit

Determiner edit


  1. Alternative form of vôsso: our

Portuguese edit

Etymology edit

From Old Galician-Portuguese vosso, from Latin vostrum, from earlier vester, from Proto-Italic *westeros.

Pronunciation edit


  • Hyphenation: vos‧so

Determiner edit

vosso (feminine vossa, masculine plural vossos, feminine plural vossas)

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    Second-person plural possessive pronoun. your

Pronoun edit

vosso (feminine vossa, masculine plural vossos, feminine plural vossas)

  1. yours

Usage notes edit

In European Portuguese it is used with the third person plural (vocês), to avoid the ambiguity of seu which denotes both third person singular and plural:

Não se esqueçam de trazer os vossos fatos de banho.
Don't forget to bring your bathing suits.

Here the verb esqueçam is conjugated in the third person plural while the possessive pronoun vossos is in the second person plural.

The other common use is in very official forms of address such as Vossa Excelência (president, ministers of state, judges etc.), Vossa Magnificência (dean of a university) or Vossa Senhoria.

See also edit

Singular Plural
Masculine Feminine Masculine Feminine
Possessor Singular First person meu minha meus minhas
Second person teu tua teus tuas
Third person seu sua seus suas
Plural First person nosso nossa nossos nossas
Second person vosso vossa vossos vossas
Third person seu sua seus suas
See also: Appendix:Possessive#Portuguese