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Vācu ķeizers Kārlis V Habsburgs (1519-1556)


Borrowed from Old High German keisar (emperor), itself a borrowing from Latin Caesar.


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ķeizars m (1st declension, feminine form: ķeizariene)

  1. emperor (the monarch of an empire; the title of this monarch), especially the German or Austrian kaiser
    ķeizara galmsthe imperial court
    ķeizara armijathe imperial army
    kronēt par ķeizaruto crown as emperor
    būt kungam un ķeizaramto be lord and emperor (i.e., to be the absolute chief)
    vācu ķeizeram Kārlim V bijuši vairāki desmiti kroņu, cits par citu skaistāksthe German emperor Charles V had several dozen (lit. tens) crowns, each more beautiful than the other



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