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Etymology 1 edit

From Proto-Indo-European *kelh₂- (to beat, break). Cognate with Latin percellō.

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Verb edit

κλᾰ́ω (kláō)

  1. to break, to break off, to break into pieces
  2. (of geometric lines, passive voice) to be broken or deflected
  3. to break, to weaken, to frustrate
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Descendants edit
  • Greek: κλάνω (kláno, to fart)

Etymology 2 edit

Attic form of κλαίω (klaíō, weep). Root of κλαϝ- (klaw-).

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Verb edit

κλᾱ́ω (klā́ō) (Attic) of κλαίω (klaíō)

  1. first-person singular present active indicative/subjunctive of κλᾱ́ω (klā́ō),
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