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From Byzantine Greek μαλάκα (maláka, masturbation), from Byzantine Greek μαλακός (malakós, soft), for which the sense of an unethical or depraved person is attested as early as Herodotus's time.


  • IPA(key): /maˈlakas/
  • Hyphenation: μα‧λά‧κας


μαλάκας (malákasm (plural μαλάκες, feminine μαλάκω)

  1. (colloquial, vulgar, literally) wanker, tosser (person who is masturbating, a masturbator)
    Ρε τον μαλάκα, τον έπιασα να τον παίζει!Re ton maláka, ton épiasa na ton paízei!The wanker, I caught him rubbing one out!
  2. (colloquial, offensive, figuratively) wanker, knobhead, asshole, jerk, prick (general term of abuse for a male)
    Τι να πει κανείς, είναι σκέτος μαλάκας ο τύπος.Ti na pei kaneís, eínai skétos malákas o týpos.What can you say? The guy is a total asshole.
  3. (colloquial, informal) dude, man, bro (term of endearment between friends (primarily male friends))
    Ρε μαλάκες, δεν πάμε για καμιά μπύρα;Re malákes, den páme gia kamiá býra?Guys, why don't we go for a beer?



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Noun 2Edit

μαλάκας (malákasf

  1. Genitive singular form of μαλάκα (maláka).