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It has no certain etymology. According to Haupt, it was borrowed from Akkadian; Furnée connects *ψώρος (*psṓros) in ψωρίτης (psōrítēs, kind of marble), suggesting a Pre-Greek origin. Likely a Wanderwort also found in Akkadian 𒉌𒌓𒈾𒁓 (/pīlu, pūlu/, limestone), Akkadian 𒁓𒊏 (pūru, literally stone bowl), Urartian 𒉌𒌓𒁍𒇻𒋛 (NA4.pu-lu-si /pulus/, stone, stele), Old Armenian բուռ (buṙ, lime, plaster, varnish). An ancient Anatolian or Mesopotamian origin is probable, with Sumerian 𒁓 (/bur/, stone (vessel)) as the likely source.




πῶρος (pôrosm (genitive πώρου); second declension

  1. tuff
  2. kind of marble used in building
  3. stalactite in caverns
  4. (pathology) stone in the bladder


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