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Inherited from Mediaeval Byzantine Greek σβήνω, from Ancient Greek σβέννυμι (sbénnumi) through its aorist 3rd plural ἔσβησαν (ésbēsan) creating the new verb σβήνω in the pattern of ἔλυσα (élusa, (singular) I untied) > modern λύνω (lýno).[1] The proscribed spelling σβύνω (svýno), from a dated etymology through σβεννύω (sbennúō), a variant of σβέννυμι.[2]


  • IPA(key): /ˈ
  • Hyphenation: σβή‧νω


σβήνω (svíno) (simple past έσβησα, passive σβήνομαι)

  1. put out, extinguish (candle, fire, cigarette)
  2. blow out (candle)
  3. turn off, switch off (light, radio, etc)
  4. erase, rub out (error)
  5. slake, quench (thirst)
  6. stall (car)
  7. (euphemistic) die, expire


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