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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek τοῦ (toû).

Article edit

του (toum sg or n sg

  1. (definite) genitive masculine singular of ο (o) (the)
  2. (definite) genitive neuter singular of ο (o) (the)

Declension edit

Pronoun edit

του (tou) (weak genitive and possessive form)

  1. (personal, indirect object, masculine and neuter) him, it
    Του είπα την αλήθεια.
    Tou eípa tin alítheia.
    I told him the truth.
    Του έδωσε νερό.
    Tou édose neró.
    He gave it water.
  2. (possessive) his, its
    Το όνομά του είναι Μιχάλης.
    To ónomá tou eínai Michális.
    His name is Michael.

Declension edit

Synonyms edit

Derived terms edit

  • (contraction): σε (se) + του (tou) giving στου (stou)