See also: τῆς, -της, and -τής

Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek τῆς (tês).

Pronunciation edit

Article edit

της (tisf sg

  1. (definite) genitive feminine singular of ο (o) (the)

Declension edit

Pronoun edit

της (tis) (weak genitive and possessive form)

  1. (personal, indirect object, feminine) her
    Της είπα την αλήθεια.
    Tis eípa tin alítheia.
    I told her the truth.
  2. (possessive) her
    Το όνομά της είναι Ελένη.
    To ónomá tis eínai Eléni.
    Her name is Eleni.

Synonyms edit

Derived terms edit

  • (contraction): σε (se) + της (tis) giving στης (stis)

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