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ем (jem)

  1. first-person singular present indicative imperfective of есть (jestʹ)



ем (Latin spelling em)

  1. Used for both, and or similar in emphasized enumerations.
    НИС ем дугује, ем уцењује[1] — "Not only does NIS own money, it is even blackmailing."
    Ја имам једног познатог златара у Пешти, па ћу вам ја то набавити и изабрати, ем јевтино, ем лепо, што баш вреди да се не постидите.[2] — I have a renowned goldsmith in Pest, so I will obtain that and choose for you, both cheap and beautiful, so that you will have nothing to be ashamed of."
    Пази, ем глув, ем нем, ем слабо срце, ем глувонем...[3] — "Look, he is all of deaf, and mute, and has a weak heart, and is deafmute..."

Usage notesEdit

Not used only with a single word.


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