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лӱм (lüm)

  1. name (noun or phrase used to refer to a particular person, place, class, or thing)
    вершӧр лӱм — place name
    еҥ лӱм — a person's name
    лӱмым вашталташ — to change one's name
    лӱмым пуаш — to give a name, to name
    мыскылтыш лӱм — nickname
    лӱмет кузе? — what is your name?
    пийын лӱмжӧ - Ошеч — the dog's name (is) Ošeč
  2. title (name used to refer to a book, article, film, musical piece or other work of art or science)
    книга лӱм — book title
    романын лӱмӧ — the title of the novel
  3. title, decoration (name given to honor a person or to identify a person's position in a hierarchy)
    профессор лӱмым пуаш — to give (someone) the title of professor