она́з (onázf (demonstrative)

  1. (regional, nonstandard or poetic) alternative form of онази (onazi) (the feminine singular of онзи (onzi)); that, that one, the one, she
    Познаваш ли оназ жена?
    Poznavaš li onaz žena?
    Do you know that woman?

Usage notesEdit

Оназ (Onaz) and the other shortened demonstrative pronouns (тоз (toz), таз (taz), туй (tuj), тез (tez), онуй (onuj), онез (onez)) are used in the Eastern Bulgarian dialects and are not considered standard. They can also be found in poetry (see quotations) where the number of syllables is important and these pronouns are one syllable shorter than their corresponding standard forms.


  • 1903, Penčo Slavejkov, “Ralica”, Misal (magazine):
    Като оназ вечерница в небото,
    една бе в село Ралица девойка
    Kato onaz večernica v neboto,
    edna be v selo Ralica devojka
    Like that evening star in the sky,
    the girl Ralitsa was unique in the village

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