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о́нзи (ónzim (demonstrative)

  1. Used in indicating a person or thing that is away from the interlocutors, often in contrast with another person or thing nearby; that, that one
    Познаваш ли онзи човек?
    Poznavaš li onzi čovek?
    Do you know that man?
    Кой искаш? Този или онзи?
    Koj iskaš? Tozi ili onzi?
    Which do you want? This one or that one?
    Този влак ходи до Чикаго, а онзи – до Ню Йорк.
    Tozi vlak hodi do Čikago, a onzi – do Nju Jork.
    This train goes to Chicago and that one to New York.
  2. Used in indicating something or someone already mentioned or known about, but that is away from the interlocutors either temporally or spatially; that, that one, the one
    Десет години от онзи трагичен инцидент.
    Deset godini ot onzi tragičen incident.
    Ten years since that tragic incident.
    Той е онзи, на когото дадох парите.
    Toj e onzi, na kogoto dadoh parite.
    He is the one I gave the money to.
  3. Used to refer to a person or thing that fits a certain description, or to a group in general; he
    Онзи, който търси, намира.
    Onzi, kojto tǎrsi, namira.
    He who seeks shall find.
  4. (derogatory) Used to indicate the speaker's derogatory attitude towards someone or something; he, that one
    Какво искаше онзи?
    Kakvo iskaše onzi?
    What did he want?/What was his problem?

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