See also: садам

Bulgarian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Slavic *sěsti.

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit

ся́дам (sjádam) first-singular present indicativeimpf (perfective се́дна)

  1. (intransitive) to move oneself into a sitting position, to sit, to sit down/up, to take a seat
  2. (intransitive) to begin to do something, to become involved in an activity, to get (down), to settle (down), to busy oneself, to undertake
    Synonyms: заемам се (zaemam se), залавям се (zalavjam se)
    сядам да чета
    sjadam da četa
    to get down to reading, to settle down to reading
  3. (intransitive) to stop working, to take a break, to become inactive, to rest

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