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Proper nounEdit

אדר (ɑdɑrm

  1. March: the month of March.


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Etymology 1Edit

From Akkadian 𒌗𒊺 (itiaddari).

Proper nounEdit

אֲדָר ('adárm

  1. Adar, the twelth, and in leap years, the thirteenth, month of the Jewish calendar (of twenty-nine days), circa March.
  2. A male or female given name.
Derived termsEdit
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Etymology 2Edit


אֵדֶר ('éderm (plural indefinite אֲדָרִים, singular construct אֵדֶר־, plural construct אֶדְרֵי־) [pattern: קֵטֶל]

  1. A mounted animal: an animal skin that has been stuffed and mounted for display.

Etymology 3Edit

From Aramaic אדרא.


אֶדֶר ('éderm (plural indefinite אֲדָרִים, singular construct אֶדֶר־, plural construct אַדְרֵי־) [pattern: קֶטֶל]

  1. (obsolete) A kind of cedar tree.
  2. A maple tree, a maple.