See also:يحيي⁩, ⁧يحيا, andیحیی

Arabic edit

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Etymology 1 edit

Some scholars claim it derives from an alternative reading of the undotted rasmىحںى⁩ / ⁧ںحںى⁩ (visually ⁧ىحىى⁩), perhaps by influence of the verb form ⁧يَحْيَا(yaḥyā, he is alive), from underlying *⁧يُحَنَّى(yuḥannā), eventually from Hebrewיוֹחָנָן(yōḥānān), but this has been disputed. Compare the Christian Arabic form ⁧يُوحَنَّا(yūḥannā).

Proper noun edit

يَحْيَى (yaḥyām

  1. (Islam) John (the Baptist)
  2. a male given name, Yahya, Yehia
Usage notes edit

يَحْيَى(yaḥyā) is used almost exclusively in Islamic and Mandaean contexts. Arabic-speaking Christians refer to John as ⁧يُوحَنَّا(yūḥannā).

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Etymology 2 edit

Verb edit

يَحْيَى (yaḥyā)

  1. Obsolete spelling of يَحْيَا(yaḥyā)
  2. Misspelling of يَحْيَا(yaḥyā).