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Etymology edit

The form is first unambiguously attested in the Qur'an and is of uncertain origin. While the Christian Arabic name يَسُوع(yasūʕ) can be considered a phonetically regular equivalent of Hebrew יֵשׁוּעַ(yēšū́aʿ), which is and has been believed to be Jesus's historic name, the Qur'anic عِيسَى (ʕīsā) seems to be a phonetic modification. The common name Safaitic 𐪒𐪊𐪚(ʿs¹y) likely represents the same name, but cannot be securely linked to Jesus. Several theories have been brought forward to explain why the letter ayn was apparently shifted from the last to the first position. It has been noted that ayn was not pronounced in some dialects of Aramaic, including that likely spoken by Jesus himself (compare for this Hebrew יֵשׁוּ(yēšū́)). Moreover, there are indications that an unetymological word-initial ayn may have occurred more often in Arabic loans from Aramaic (compare عَمْرُوسَة(ʕamrūsa, small lamb) from ܐܷܡܪܘܿܣܬܴܐ(ʾemrōstā) or عَقْر(ʕaqr, the midst of a house) from ܐܶܩܪܶܐ(ʾaqrā) ). Dye and Kropp suggest that this may be an orthographic device borrowed from Classical Mandaic, where ayn was lost in pronunciation, but used to indicate long initial /i/. It may also have been arbitrarily altered to rhyme with مُوسَى(mūsā, Moses) as well as يَحْيَى(yaḥyā, John the Baptist), paralleling هَارُون(hārūn, Aaron) and قَارُون(qārūn, Korah) or يَأْجُوج(yaʔjūj, Gog) and مَأْجُوج(maʔjūj, Magog). For more information, see Isa (name) on Wikipedia.

Pronunciation edit

Proper noun edit

عِيسَى (ʕīsām

  1. (Islam) Jesus (Isa), son of Mary, revered as a major prophet in Islam.
    Synonym: (Christianity) يَسُوع(yasūʕ)
  2. a male given name, equivalent to English Isa

Usage notes edit

  • عِيسَى (ʕīsā) is used almost exclusively in Islamic contexts. Arabic-speaking Christians call Jesus يَسُوع(yasūʕ).

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Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Armenian: Իսա (Isa)
  • Bashkir: Ғайса (Ğaysa)
  • Kabyle: Ɛisa
  • Kazakh: Иса (İsa)
  • Laz: ისა (isa)
  • Malay: Isa
    • Indonesian: Isa
  • Persian: عیسی('isâ)
  • Swahili: Isa
  • Turkish: İsa

References edit

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