ईश् ‎(īś)

  1. cl.2 Ā. ईष्टे, or Ved. ईशे (2. sg. ईशिषे and ईक्षे RV. iv, 20, 8; vi, 19, 10; Pot. 1. sg. ईशीय pf. # pl. ईशिरे, ईशिष्यति, ईशितुम्) to own, possess.
  2. to belong to.
  3. to dispose of, be valid or powerful.
  4. to be master of (with gen., or Ved. with gen. of an inf., or with a common inf., or the loc. of an abstract noun).
  5. to command.
  6. to rule, reign.
  7. to behave like a master, allow KaṭhUp.; ([cf. Goth. aigan, ‘to have’; Old Germ. eigan, ‘own’; Mod. Germ. eigen.])


ईश् ‎(īśm

  1. master, lord, the supreme spirit
  2. name of Shiva


  • Monier William's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 2nd Ed. 1899.
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