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ईश् ‎(īś)

  1. cl.2 Ā. ईष्टे, or Ved. ईशे to own, possess.
  2. to belong to.
  3. to dispose of, be valid or powerful.
  4. to be master of (with gen., or Ved. with gen. of an inf., or with a common inf., or the loc. of an abstract noun).
  5. to command.
  6. to rule, reign.
  7. to behave like a master, allow KaṭhUp.; ([cf. Goth. aigan, ‘to have’; Old Germ. eigan, ‘own’; Mod. Germ. eigen.])


ईश् ‎(īśm

  1. master, lord, the supreme spirit
  2. name of Shiva

Derived termsEdit


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