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From Proto-Indo-European *gʷerH- (to welcome, greet, praise). Cognates include Latin grātus (welcome), Old Church Slavonic жрьти (žrĭti, to sacrifice) and Old Prussian girtwei (to praise).


गृणाति (gṛṇā́ti) (cl.9 P. Ā., root √gṝ)

  1. to call, call out to, invoke (RV., AV., ŚBr. IV, Bhag. XI, 21)
  2. to announce, proclaim (RV.)
  3. to mention with praise, praise, extol (RV., BhP. XI, 13, 41, Bhaṭṭ. VIII, 77)
  4. to pronounce, recite (MBh., VII, 1754, Ragh. BhP. I, 1, 14)
  5. to relate, teach in verses (Gaṇit. i, 4, 5)


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