Thai Edit

Pronunciation Edit

h ī ɓ
Royal Institutehip
(standard) IPA(key)/hiːp̚˨˩/(R)

Etymology 1 Edit

Compare Northern Thai ᩉᩦ᩠ᨯ, Lao ຫີບ (hīp).

Noun Edit

หีบ (hìip) (classifier ใบ)

  1. box, chest, or similar container, especially one of a square shape and having a lid.
  2. (of a dead body) coffin; casket.
  3. (politics) ballot box.
Derived terms Edit
Derived terms
Descendants Edit
  • Khmer: ហិប (həp) / ហឹប (həp)

Etymology 2 Edit

Cognate with Khün ᩉᩦ᩠ᨷ, Isan หีบ, Lao ຫີບ (hīp), ᦠᦲᧇᧈ (ḣiib¹), Shan ႁိပ်ႇ (hìp), Tai Nüa ᥞᥤᥙ (hip). Possibly related to หนีบ (nìip, to pinch).

Verb Edit

หีบ (hìip) (abstract noun การหีบ)

  1. to press; to squeeze.