• Phonetic respelling: အ'
  • IPA(key): /ʔə/
  • Romanization: MLCTS: a.- • ALA-LC: ʼa- • BGN/PCGN: ă • Okell: ă


အ- (a.-)

  1. used to make nouns from verbs, from adjectives or from other nouns
    လုပ်a.lupwork (thing to do)
    စားa.ca:food (thing to eat)
  2. used with a reduplicated noun to mean ‘various, diverse’
    ပြည်ပြည်a.pranypranyvarious countries
    နိုင်နိုင်ငံa.nuingnuingngamvarious states
  3. sometimes used as meaningless prefix to disambiguate in sentences
    ထည်a.htanycloth, fabric (ထည် already means "cloth")
    မြီးa.mri:tail (မြီး already means "tail")

Usage notesEdit

Very frequently deleted when the noun to which it is prefixed is used in a compound. When used with a reduplicated polysyllabic noun, only the first syllable is reduplicated.

Derived termsEdit