Jeju edit

Etymology edit

Sino-Korean word from .

Pronunciation edit

Numeral edit

ᄉᆞ (saw)

  1. four
    Synonym: (nuit)

Middle Korean edit

Etymology 1 edit

There are no uncontroversial attestations in Old Korean.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /sʌ/ (underlying pitch unclear)

Dependent noun edit

ᄉᆞ (so) (kwukyel ) (chiefly after the verbal irrealis suffix 으ᇙ (-ulq))

  1. what to [] , something to [] , something that will []
    Synonym: ᄃᆞ (to, something)
  2. how to [] , ability to []
    Synonym: (cwul, ability)
Descendants edit
  • Korean: 을세 (-eulse)
  • Korean: 을세라 (-eulsera)
  • Korean: 을수록 (-eulsurok)
  • Korean: 을시 (-eulsi)
  • Korean: 을시고 (-eulsigo)
  • Korean: 을쏜가 (-eulsson'ga)
  • Korean: 을쏘냐 (-eulssonya)

Etymology 2 edit

From Middle Chinese (MC sijH).

Pronunciation edit

Numeral edit

ᄉᆞ () (hanja )

  1. (Sino-Korean numeral) four
    Synonym: 넿〯 (něyh, native numeral)
Descendants edit
  • Korean: (sa)