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じょうず (-na inflection, rōmaji jōzu)

  1. 上手: skillful, dexterous


じょうず (rōmaji jōzu)

  1. 上手: (rare) skill, dexterity; flattery (from being told how skillful one is, even if one isn't); a person with the seventh dan in the games of shogi or go
  2. 上図: a diagram above (as in, further up on the page or in the document)
  3. 上種, 上衆: someone of high rank, a noble, an aristocrat
  4. 調度: (rare) short for 調度袋 (じょうずぶくろ) (jōzubukuro): a purse; a noble's arrows
  5. 漿子: (rare) a small metal container for holding お歯黒 (o-haguro, tooth blackener)


じょうず (rōmaji jōzu)

  1. 乗ず: archaic for 乗じる: (mathematics) to multiply; to take an opportunity, to seize an advantage
  2. 成ず: (archaic) to become, to become complete; to accomplish or fulfill something