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A contracted form of (to; used to indicate a quotation) and 言う (いう, iu; to say); literally meaning "I/you/he/she/they/we said that..".


って (rōmaji tte)

  1. he/she/I/they/we said; a type of verbal quotation marks used for direct quotes and indirect quotes
    すぐ ()ますって
    Sugu kimasu tte.
    He said he'd come soon.
     (かあ)さんに ()いたら、「だめだ」って
    Okāsan ni kiitara, “Dame da” tte.
    When I asked my mom, she said "no."
  2. used to emphasize a word
    アラビア ()って (むずか)しくないじゃん?
    Arabiago tte, muzukashikunaijan?
    Arabic, you say? Isn't that difficult?
    これって (なん)名前 (なまえ)
    Kore tte nante namae?
    What is this called?

Usage notesEdit

  • The particle is often contracted to after an sound.

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