Japanese edit

Etymology 1 edit

Alternative spellings

尚お (obsolete)


From Old Japanese.

Pronunciation edit

Adverb edit

なお (naoなほ (nafo)?

  1. furthermore, in addition
  2. still, as always
  3. even more

Conjunction edit

なお (naoなほ (nafo)?

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Etymology 2 edit

Alternative spelling

Adjective edit

なお (naoなほ (nafo)?-nari

  1. common, ordinary, straight

Adverb edit

なお (naoなほ (nafo)?

  1. normally, usually

Etymology 3 edit

Various nanori readings.

Proper noun edit

なお (Nao

  1. 奈緒, 直緒, 奈央, 奈穂: a female given name
  2. 南朋: a male or female given name

References edit

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