See also: ふた, ふだ, and ぶた


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[noun] [from late 1480s] pig; swine
[noun] [from 1703] (derogatory) a fat person, an unattractive woman
[noun] [from 1846] pork (the meat)
[noun] [from 1960] a wild boar
[noun] [from 1723] a hand of cards worth zero (such as 8–9–3 totalling 20, which is equivalent to zero), in Baccarat-like three-card games such as おいちょかぶ
[noun] [from ???] (colloquial, poker) synonym of ハイカード (hai kādo, high card): a no pair, a hand without even a pair (probably a modification of the term for a zero-valued card hand)
Alternative spelling
(This term, ブタ (buta), is the katakana spelling of the above term.)