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ginseng; take part in; participate; join; attend; to join; unequal; varied; irregular; to counsel; uneven; not uniform
to look at; to watch; to observe; to behold; Taoist monastery
trad. (參觀)
simp. (参观)




  1. to visit (a place); to see; to look around; to go on a tour
    歡迎參觀 / 欢迎参观  ―  Huānyíng cānguān.  ―  Welcome. / Visitors are welcome.

Usage notesEdit

Not to be confused with 旅遊旅游 (lǚyóu) which is used to convey a sense of travelling for the purpose of leisure (e.g. sight-seeing), 旅行 (lǚxíng) which is used when any sense of travel is implied and 巡迴巡回 (xúnhuí) which expresses tour as in a performance circuit.