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Grade: 3
For pronunciation and definitions of 取る – see the following entry.
[verb] 取る: to take
[verb] 取る: (board games) to capture
[verb] 取る: to pick up
[verb] 取る: to pick up on; to grasp
[verb] 取る: to earn
[verb] 取る: to remove (one's glasses, etc.)
[verb] 捕る, 獲る, 取る: to catch; to capture
[verb] 盗る, 取る: to steal
[verb] 摂る, 取る: to have food or a meal, to ingest, to eat
[verb] 採る, 取る: to take, to adopt (a measure, a choice, etc.), to choose
[verb] 採る, 取る: to pick (plants), to harvest
Alternative spellings
取る, 捕る, 獲る, 盗る, 摂る, 採る
(This term, 取る, is an alternative spelling of the above term.)