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too (much); very; extremely; highest; greatest
mix together; peace; harmony; and; with; union; cap (a poem); respond in singing; soft; warm
simp. and trad.
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Proper nounEdit


  1. (~殿) Hall of Supreme Harmony (largest hall within the Forbidden City in Beijing, China)
  2. () Taihe County (county in Anhui province, China)
  3. () Taihe District (district in Jinzhou, Liaoning province, China)
  4. () Taihe Town (name of several towns in China)
  5. () Taihe (a town in Liangzihu, Ezhou, Hubei, China)
  6. Tai Wo (area in Hong Kong)
  7. (historical) several era names (227–233, 328–330, 344–346, 366–371, 477–499, 827–835)