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See also: 学名


learn; study; science; ‑ology
name; (measure word for persons); place (e.g. among winners)
trad. (學名)
simp. (学名)




  1. scientific name (Latinised name given to a species according to the rules of binomial nomenclature)
    斑馬學名Hippotigris。 / 斑马学名Hippotigris。  ―  Bānmǎ de xuémíng shì Hippotigris.  ―  The zebra's scientific name is Hippotigris.
  2. school name (formal name given to Chinese adolescents, and used by older people to address them)
    孫德明學名孫文。 [MSC, trad.]
    孙德明学名孙文。 [MSC, simp.]
    Sūn Démíng de xuémíng shì Sūn Wén. [Pinyin]
    Sun Yat-sen's school name was Sun Wen.