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Grade: S
おい > よい
Grade: 1


‎(ya, extensive; thick; many) +‎ ‎(oi, growth)(Can this(+) etymology be sourced?)

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弥生 ‎(hiragana やよい, romaji yayoi, historical hiragana やよひ)

  1. (archaic) the third month of the lunar calendar
  2. (poetic) March

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弥生 ‎(hiragana やよい, romaji Yayoi, historical hiragana やよひ)

  1. A female given name
    • 1997 July 17, Seimaru Amagi; Fumiya Sato, “じんせきさつじんけん [The Murder Case at the Demonic Ruins ①]”, in きんいちしょうねんけん簿 [The Kindaichi Case Files], volume 25 (fiction, in Japanese), Tokyo: Kodansha, ISBN 4-06-312431-2:
       (さん) (がつ) ()まれた (わたし)が「弥生 (やよい)」だから  () (がつ) ()まれたあなたは「さつき」にしようって———
      Sangatsu ni umareta watashi ga "Yayoi" da kara Gogatsu ni umareta anata wa "Satsuki" ni shiyōtte———
      I'm "Yayoi" because I was born in March We named you "Satsuki" because you were born in May———
  1. a placename


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