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beat; strike; break; mix up; build; fight; fetch; make; tie up; issue; shoot; calculate; since; from; dozen
soy sauce
trad. (打醬油) 醬油
simp. (打酱油) 酱油
Literally: “to buy soy sauce; to fill up the soy sauce bottle in one's household”.
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Popular Internet meme popularised in 2008 by a man-on-the-street's response to a television reporter's question about a recent celebrity photo scandal, to which the man replied, "What's it got to do with me? I'm here to buy soy sauce."




  1. (slang, humorous, sarcastic) to be none of one's own business; to not involve one
    關我屌事出來打醬油 [MSC, trad.]
    关我屌事出来打酱油 [MSC, simp.]
    Guān wǒ diǎoshì, wǒ chūlái dǎ jiàngyóu de. [Pinyin]
    It's got fuck all to do with me. I'm here to "buy soy sauce".

Usage notesEdit

  • Usually used to express one's reluctance to discuss sensitive issues, sometimes in a jocular or sarcastic fashion.

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