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relax; stretch; slow liver pill
simp. and trad.




  1. A brownish-red pill used in traditional Chinese medicine "to remove the stagnation of the liver qi, regulate the stomach function and relieve pain in the treatment of fullness and distension in the chest and hypochondriac regions, epigastric pain and distress, vomiting, belching and acid regurgitation".

Shugan pills have the following herbal ingredients:

Name Chinese (S) Grams
Fructus Toosendan (Melia toosendanMelia azederach) 川楝子 150
Rhizoma Corydalis (processed with vinegar) 延胡索 (醋制) 100
Radix Paeoniae Alba (stir-baked with wine) 白芍 (酒炒) 120
Rhizoma Wenyujin Concisum (Curcuma wenyujin) 片姜黄 100
Radix Aucklandiae 木香 80
Lignum Aquilariae Resinatum 沉香 100
Fructus Amomi Rotundus 白豆蔻 60
Fructus Amomi 砂仁 80
Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis (processed) 厚朴 (姜炙) 60
Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae 陈皮 80
Fructus Aurantii (stir-baked) 枳壳 (炒) 100
Poria, (now Perenniporia) 茯苓 100
Cinnabaris 硃砂 27


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