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daphne genkwa
simp. and trad.
alt. forms 蒝荽


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Particularly: “how is this related to 胡荽?”


Note: jyun4 sai1, jim4 sai1 - vernacular, often written as 芫茜.
Note: uêng5 sui1 - Chaozhou.



  1. coriander


Dialectal synonyms of 芫荽 (“coriander”) [map]
Variety Location Words
Classical Chinese 胡荽
Formal (Written Standard Chinese) 芫荽
Taxonomic name 芫荽
Mandarin Beijing 香菜
Taiwan 香菜
Harbin 香菜
Hailar 香菜
Ulan Hot 香菜
Tongliao 香菜
Chifeng 芫菜
Bayanhot 香菜
Jinan 芫荽香菜
Muping 芫食
Luoyang 香菜芫荽
Jiedian 芫荽
Xi'an 香菜芫荽 dated
Zhengzhou 芫荽
Xining 香菜
Xuzhou 芫荽香菜
Yinchuan 芫荽香菜
Lanzhou 芫荽香菜
Ürümqi 芫荽
Wuhan 芫荽香菜
Chengdu 芫荽香菜
Guiyang 芫荽
Guilin 芫荽
Liuzhou 芫荽香菜
Yangzhou 芫荽香菜
Nanjing 芫荽香菜
Nantong 香菜
Cantonese Guangzhou 芫茜
Hong Kong 芫茜
Shunde 芫茜
Foshan 芫茜
Zhongshan 芫茜
Dongguan 芫茜芫香
Hong Kong (Weitou) 芫茜
Taishan 芫茜
Doumen 芫茜
Kaiping 芫茜
Shaoguan 芫茜
Yunfu 芫茜
Xinyi 香茜
Lianjiang 芫茜
Nanning 芫茜
Wuzhou 芫茜
Yulin 芫茜
Hepu 芫茜
Kuala Lumpur 芫茜
Gan Nanchang 芫荽
Pingxiang 芫荽
Hakka Meixian 芫荽芫香仔
Luchuan 芫荽
Yudu 芫荽
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 香菜仔芫荽仔
Liudui (S. Sixian) 大葉芫荽
Hsinchu (Hailu) 香菜仔芫荽仔
Dongshi (Dabu) 芫荽芫旺
Zhuolan (Raoping) 香菜仔芫荽仔
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 香菜
Hong Kong 芫荽
Sabah 香菜
Senai 香菜
Huizhou Jixi 芫蘇菜香菜
Jin Taiyuan 芫荽香菜
Xinzhou 芫荽
Baochang 芫荽
Jining 芫荽
Hohhot 芫荽
Baotou 香菜
Dongsheng 芫荽
Linhe 芫荽
Haibowan 芫荽
Min Bei Jian'ou 芫荽仔
Min Dong Fuzhou 香菜
Fuqing 香菜
Min Nan Xiamen 芫荽
Quanzhou 芫荽
Taipei 芫荽
Kaohsiung 芫荽
Tainan 芫荽
Taichung 芫荽
Wuqi 芫荽
Hsinchu 芫荽
Taitung 芫荽
Lukang 芫荽
Sanxia 芫荽
Yilan 芫荽
Kinmen 芫荽
Magong 芫荽
Penang 芫荽
Pingnan 香菜
Chaozhou 芫荽
Shantou 芫荽
Johor Bahru 芫荽
Haikou 芳菜
Leizhou 銀荽
Pinghua Nanning 芫荽
Guilin 芫荽
Wu Shanghai 香菜
Suzhou 香菜芫荽
Hangzhou 香菜
Wenzhou 香菜
Chongming 香菜
Danyang 芫荽香菜
Jinhua 芫荽
Ningbo 香菜
Xiang Changsha 芫荽菜
Loudi 香菜
Quanzhou 芫荽香菜

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