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Grade: 6


認める (ichidan conjugation, hiragana みとめる, rōmaji mitomeru)

  1. to admit, to approve, to allow
    • 2011, Barack Obama, 中東と北アフリカに関するバラク・オバマの演説:
      シリア (せい) ()はデモ (たい)への (はっ) (ぽう)をやめ、平和的抗議 (へいわてきこうぎ) (みと)めねばならない。
      Shiria seifu wa demotai e no happō o yame, heiwateki kōgi o mitomeneba naranai.
      The Syrian government must stop shooting demonstrators and allow peaceful protests.
  2. to recognize
     (ほん) (とう)だということを (みと)めなければなりません。
    Hontō da to iu koto o mitomenakereba narimasen.
    One must recognize that it is true.
  3. to acknowledge
  4. to concede
  5. to appreciate, to witness
  6. to observe or notice



認める (transitive, ichidan conjugation, hiragana したためる, rōmaji shitatameru)

  1. write (some text; a letter); put down (one's thoughts on paper)
  2. eat; put down (a meal)
  3. treat; deal with
  4. prepare
  5. subdue